Season 11 Press

The Student Prince

“The cast is uniformly excellent…technically and vocally The Student Prince is among the very best works that I’ve seen at Winter Opera.”

The Student Prince is filled with songs that surely were among your grandparents’ favorites…There are rollicking students’ songs praising drink and girls or irreverently mocking professors and classes and books.  There’s a rousing marching song. All of these are superbly performed in Winter Opera’s production.”

          – Steve Callahan,


“Winter Opera St. Louis’ production of “Prince” is a solid, entertaining take on a show that doesn’t have much in the way to offer in the way of drama or good tunes.”

“The performers in the smaller roles and the chorus, directed by Nancy Mayo, sang well and accurately. Conductor Scott Schoonover kept things moving and “gemütlich,” with good work from the orchestra.” 

“Winter Opera has come a long way over the last decade in the quality of its productions..”

          – S.B Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Winter Opera has strong, appealing singers in both the lead and supporting roles”

“..the Winter Opera orchestra has never sounded better, with a full and polished sound. JC Krajicek scores once again with appropriately colorful outfits, including lavish hoop skirts for the women and dashing military garb for the men.”

          – Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX


” Winter Opera St. Louis opened its 11th anniversary season last weekend with an enchanting rendition of Sigmund Romberg’s operetta, The Student Prince. Strong vocal performances by Caitlin Cisler as Kathie and John Stephens as Dr. Engel enhanced this sprightly production.”

“…this light-hearted, entertaining piece moving at a comfortable pace, aided by a cast that was fully committed to its roles, both musically and as actors.”

          – Mark Bretz, Ladue News