Winter Opera’s First Blog

Hello Everyone,

This is my first ever blog! I can say I am so proud of Holley Sherwood, Winter Opera’s only employee for thinking of this for the company, I hope someone reads it! I know everyone is blogging, so Winter Opera Jumped on the band wagon. We are getting excited about the new year.

Our production of La Traviata is shaping up to be one of our finest productions. We have lots to plan! Each day is filled with excitement and lots of chaos. Our big goal for La Traviata is to sell 25 dinner packages per performance. This will cover the cost of using the Woman’s Club. Then of course we want very much to be sold out! We can fit about 350 people in the ballroom and if we can sell out we will be in great shape financially for our production of Cavalleria in March.

Today I am working on scheduling our pianist, Nancy Mayo for all our rehearsals when our artist arrive on Feb. 5. Along with writing many thank you notes to all our wonderful patrons who have donated to Winter Opera over the holidays. Thank you everyone for your support and check back soon for more news!