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Falstaff Review from “Two on the Aisle”

“The balance between the voices and the orchestra was exemplary thanks to the combination of the auditorium’s acoustics and Steven Jarvi’s conducting of the accomplished orchestra. Jarvi’s interpretation was an ideal compliment to Dean Anthony’s staging. Both understood that Verdi’s score and Boito’s libretto are a total integration of music and drama. You could see gestures that mirrored the music, you could hear phrasing that enhanced the comedy. I particularly liked the scene in act two in which Ford and his crew find the young lovers behind the screen instead of Falstaff and Falstaff’s subsequent defenestration. It was clear that the performers cared as much about putting across the story as they did about singing. Andrew Stuckey’s well sung Falstaff was a character, not a caricature, which I greatly appreciated. Ron Loyd was convincing as the jealous husband Ford, while Kathy Pyeatt was very impressive as the self-possessed Alice Ford. Pyeatt was ably supported by Kate Tombaugh as Meg Page and Claudia Chapa as Mistress Quickly. Katy Lindhart’s Nanetta and Dustin Peterson’s Fenton were an attractive couple as the young lovers. The supporting cast included Zachary Devin as Dr. Caius, Adam Stefo as Pistola and Marc Schapman as Bardolfo, who was a reliable source of comedy in his wild wig. Scott Loebl’s half-timbered set worked well for all the interiors and Sean Savoie’s lighting compensated for the lack of trees in the forest. JC Krajicek coordinated the handsome period costumes designed by Glen Breed. All in all, another fine production from Winter Opera – my favorite of all I’ve seen from them.”

-Gerry Kowarsky and Bob Wilcox, ‘Two on the Aisle’ HEC-TV

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