Winter Opera Saint Louis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable music to the people of Saint Louis during the winter months. We could not do it without your support! Donations are tax deductible and can be made online by clicking the ‘donation’ button on this page or calling us at 314.865.0038. Every single donation is important and if there is a certain aspect of the production you wish to sponsor or a bequest you wish to make contact us at

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Donor’s who contribute $2,500 + will also receive invitations to attend cast parties & private events! 
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If you would like to become a patron of Winter Opera Saint Louis we gladly welcome you. Please know that all donations are tax-deductible and help support local artists. Every single donation is important, and if there is a certain aspect of the production you would personally like to sponsor please feel free to email us.

Sponsorship Level


Donated Benefits

Amici $50 – $99 Listed as a donor in the program
Coro $100- $349 Listed as a donor in the program
Comprimario $350- $499 Listed as a donor in the program
Lirico $500- $999 2- Section II tickets & listed as a donor
Dramatico $1,000- $2,499 4 – Section I tickets  & listed as a donor  
Impresario* $2,500-$4,999 2 tickets to the Fall Gala, 4 – Section I tickets, & listed as a donor
Spinto* $5,000 -$9,999 2 tickets to the Fall Gala ,6- Section I Tickets, & listed as a donor
Maestro* $10,000 + 4 tickets to the Fall Gala, 6- Section I Tickets, & listed as a donor  

Impresario Club

Impresario Club Membership Pin

The Impresario Club is an exclusive club for donors of $2,500 or more. An Impresario is a patron who understands the importance of the arts and is a major financier and supporter. We could not maintain our season without you! 

Membership Perks:

* A private concert to entertain your guests
* A one-of-a-kind Winter Opera Impresario membership pin designed by Mary Pillsbury
* Two tickets to the Fall Gala
* First choice of seating
* Drink vouchers
* Listed in Program


Purchase an Advertisement

Purchasing an advertisement in Winter Opera’s Program Book helps to support our season. We also do a limited amount of ad space trading with other organizations. Email for more information and to reserve your ad space today.

Hire us for Events

For a generous donation to Winter Opera Saint Louis we will provide singers and an accompanist for your party or event. Bring Winter Opera into your home for a fun-filled evening of music and song. Contact us at 314.865.0038 or email to make your donation and schedule your event!

Donate Supplies

One of the easiest ways to help Winter Opera Saint Louis is to assist in keep our office supplied – we go through as much paper, ink, envelopes etc. as any other office! Consider purchasing an extra package of paper or box of envelopes the next time you are shopping at Office Max or Target. Drop off donations at our office during our regular box office hours: Monday through Friday, 10am to 3pm at 2324 Marconi Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110.

  • White Printer Paper
  • Printer ink
  • Envelopes (standard and business sizes)
  • Pencils, pens, paperclips, staples, rubber bands etc.
  • Manila file folders

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