Job Openings at Winter Opera Saint Louis

Costume Designer Position

Winter Opera Saint Louis, a non-profit located on The Hill, is searching for a talented Costume Designer for its sixteenth season.  The ideal candidate is available for all 3 productions but we will consider any qualified applicants based on experience.  Your work hours and budget will vastly depend on the size and needs of the particular production.  Additionally, your budget will include monies for wardrobe/costume assistants and additional over-hire staff.  This is a contract position and the pay range is from $17-20 per hour for a 30-40 hour work week depending on the production.

Please send resume, cover letter, and portfolio examples to

Winter Opera Season 16 performance dates at Kirkwood Performing Arts Center

November 18th & 20th –La Rondine

January 20th & 22nd – Macbeth

March 3rd & 5th – The Desert Song

Costume Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Design, select, create, purchase, and/or rent appropriate costumes and accessories for 3 productions per season.
  • Research each operatic score for costume requirements and dramaturgical needs.
  • Attend all production meetings and work with production staff to establish theme, time period, and show concept.
  • Create renderings of costumes for design approval from production staff and General Director.
  • Work with the General Director to establish budget, work hours, over-hire, and purchasing procedures.
  • Work with cast and production staff to schedule costume fittings.
  • Manage and train all dressers, drapers, or costume assistants.
  • Utilize effective time management and organization skills.
  • Work with Alterations/costume shop Manager to complete costumes needed for performances. 
  • Attend dress rehearsals and make notes of alterations or changes that need to be done.
  • Manage costume strike, return any rentals, arrange costume cleaning, and restocking.
  • Must be available approximately 6 weeks prior to each opera, attend all dress rehearsals, and performances.
  • Able to effectively manage time and coordinate with Alterations/Costume Shop Manager about performance deadlines.

Alterations/Costume Shop Manager Position

Winter Opera Saint Louis, a non-profit located on The Hill, is searching for a talented Alterations/Costume Shop Manager for its sixteenth season.  Work hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm with the potential for additional hours. Pay starts at $17 and is negotiable based on experience.

Alterations/Costume Shop Manager

  • Constructing, altering, repairing, or modifying garments for customers based on their specifications, needs, and preferences.
  • Communicate with customers about price estimates and time needed to finish garment.
  • Accurately measure clients and schedule fittings as needed. 
  • Communicate to General Director if equipment needs maintenance or repairing.
  • Keep alterations shop cleaned and organized.
  • Coordinate with Administrative Director any changes/updates needed to alterations or costume inventory pages on website.
  • Create and maintain project calendar with estimated work times and project completion dates.
  • Track and label all customer garments using alterations form.
  • Assist customers with costume rental, pricing, and rental expectations.
  • Work with Costume Designer to complete costumes needed for performances. 
  • Able to effectively manage time and coordinate with Costume Designer about performance deadlines.
  • Launder and/or dry clean garments, as needed.

Please send resume, cover letter, salary requirements, and portfolio examples to